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CIRCULAR BIOCARBON presented at AEAS Congress

17 June 2024

CIRCULAR BIOCARBON presented at AEAS Congress

CIRCULAR BIOCARBON was highligted in two events at the 2024 AEAS Congress, taking place from 5 to 7 June in Castellón (Spain). On the second day of the Congress it was part of a round table on innovation in the water sector, while on the third day it was presented in the 15-minute talk "Study about the emerging pollutants present in sewage sludge". In both cases, the project was represented by SOCAMEX.

The roundtable focused on how changes in law affect the water sector, and to what extent the research activities of organisations are influenced by the law. CIRCULAR BIOCARBON was presented as an example that highlighted that research doesn't need to be governed by legal changes.

The presentation on the third day highlighted how CIRCULAR BIOCARBON aims to advance the circular economy, as well as the schematic representation of the biorefinery: the feedstock, the existence of cascading technologies, and the final products (with a special focus on the end products that are biofertilisers).

The presentation also put the study on emerging pollutants in the context of CIRCULAR BIOCARBON, noting that a method for analysing emerging pollutants in sewage sludge was necessary, to properly monitor the presence and elimination of such contaminants through the different flows in the biorefinery.

Image (Socamex)

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